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Flowerwidth standard and rollerbed reefers for aircraft pallets

From 5 different airports in Europe

FRC certified trailers

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Highly specialised
transport of perishables
Refrigerated and frozen
food stuff specialized
Fully expended
Benelux, France and UK
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specialised truck transport



Due to the high demand in UK of Strawberries, Ostendfresh was founded in 2019 by Alain Tulpin in Oudenburg, Belgium.

It was originally a company dedicated to the transport of fruit and vegetables, but today we are dedicated to all kinds of goods, specialized in refrigerated transport.

We count with 35 fridge trailers in our fleet in 2023, and we are fully expanded in Benelux, France and the UK.

Air Freight Transport

Our trailers are ATP and FRC Certified. This ensures that our customer receives the highest quality service.


The high quality of the goods will be ensured during the transportation.

Thanks to our highly professional team, we are able to reach the volumes that we have today.

We are continuesly in contact with our drivers, controlling your loads.

We are able to inform the customer, any time of the day, about the temperature from the goods and the position from  the trucks.

Highly Trained Drivers


Our fleet from 35 trailers allows us the flexibility all the year long.

We rely on external collaboration, which allows us to reach a peak of over 600 trips in the UK within two months.

Every week, we also depart to the Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.